We have a home security special going on for Stilwell, Oklahoma.

For this month you will get a low cost smart home alarm system. We have competitively priced gear from 2gig, alarm.com and others. Depending on which features you want you can also receive a thermostat, smart door lock and/or Skybell HD. All these items can and will be installed in your home and you will only need to worry about your monthly payment.

Who Qualifies?

Making sure you own your home is the first step. If you rent your landlord will have to contact us to get the system installed. He will save up to 20% on his homeowners insurance, so there’s a good chance he may be very interested. The second step is passing a routine credit check up. If you want we can test for you over the phone and can schedule someone to come out at your earliest convenience with one phone call.

The Deal

Now is as good of a time as any to get going on a burglar alarm system. This low cost deal is only for so long. Piece of mind has never been so simple.


We have a variety of cutting edge features from geo-fencing to real time smart weather updates all sent to your alarm pad and cell phone. In the event of a fire the fire department can be notified. If your home is burglarized you are protected 24/7/365. We have pet immune motion detectors that guard your home from invaders while avoiding false alarms from your furry friends.

Why Now?

What better time to start you road to safety than right now. Without mentioning the aspect of safety and security with the touch of a button, we can get you a deal today. Add that to your up to 20% off on your home insurance and the system might just be paying for itself. So, if you play your cards right this could be one of the most sound financial moves a person can make. Want to know more? We have customer companions to walk you through any of the confusing details or ins and outs of installation. Just give us a call at 405-605-0101. We are here to help and make customers for life.

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