The Home Security Superstore of Oklahoma Now Services Sallisaw!

If you have just bought a new home, you probably have purchased fire and flood insurance. One top of that, you have a lot of other things to consider like changing your mailing address and things as simple as finding the right grocery store. The last thing a lot of homeowners think of when they move into a house is how secure it is. Maybe they just assume it is secure because it is new.

This is a mistake. Thousands of people neglect to get the proper security system for their home each year and end up paying a price for it when it gets broken into. We understand this and have committed ourselves to helping the residents of Sallisaw get the best services possible when it comes to home security. This includes the technology we use, the prices we offer, and the experience and knowledge that we have. There is no job we can’t undertake and no job we can’t fix.

Local Alarm Monitoring With National Accolades

The first thing that attracts residents of Sallisaw to us is that we are local. You might even know someone that works here. Of course, having a local touch does a afford us the ability to serve our clientele better. On top of that, we can get the same services other companies can get you at about a 20% discount. This amount can really add up over time in the 30 or so years that you live in your house.

We are also the most experienced security company in the area. This is no matter if you are just getting an alarm system or are having an entire video surveillance system installed. Our employees have been working in the industry for a grand total of over 100 years combined. We have literally seen it all, so we have developed a lot of great ways to help customers save money.

When you use our services, you know that your equipment will never be outdated. Burglars are getting more advanced just as the equipment designed to stop them is. Because of this, you want to be constantly updating your system to ensure that you are ahead of the eight ball.

Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment for your home. One of our consultants will come to your property, inspect it, and talk to you about what the best options are for you. You might be surprised at just how affordable great home security services are when you work with us.

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