Downtown Edmond, Oklahoma has new residents and businesses looking for home and video solutions all the time. If you are one of them, you understand just how much goes into settling into your new home, place of work and your new community. There are so many things to take care of that things can get overlooked from time to time, including the protection that keeps you safe. While many homes and commercial properties have some security or access control measures installed when they are purchased, a lot of these systems are not adequate or nonexistent.

Thankfully, we have a solution for you. We have been supplying the residents and business owners of Downtown Edmond with high-quality burglar alarm and video surveillance services for years. In fact, our employees have hundreds of years of experience combined in both home alarm systems and home video monitoring technology. We are committed to being on time, safe, and using the best equipment available to you.

Shop Local for Your Security System Company

We are a local company. This gives us a couple of advantages over other security companies in the industry. The first is that we can offer our services at a lower price. Often, we quote our customers a price as much as 20% lower than the other estimates they have received. Second, being local and available on a 24-hour basis means we can respond to any emergency that may arise at any time of the day.

The first thing you will notice when checking out what we offer is the control panels we use. Representing the most modern technology in the industry, they control every aspect of the home, even the HVAC system, remotely. The ability to control the HVAC system, security alarm, and surveillance cameras remotely from your mobile device gives you freedom and control that homeowners have never had before when it comes to home or business security.

One of our consultants will come to your new home to inspect it and determine what the best solution is for you regarding your budget and needs. Our top subscription provides you with every home security feature that we offer our clients, even a home installation kit, and four surveillance cameras. There are other subscription levels with fewer features for those who don’t need as much protection or have a more limited budget. Each person who employs our services will get around the clock customer support from our local representatives ensuring your home is never in danger of being broken into.

If this interests you, contact us today. We will send a representative to your place of business or home to perform a visual estimate and get you the alarm, access, video or security package that best fits your needs. We can frequently save you around 20% on your insurance needs as well. Contact us today.

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