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When you think Beaver you think quality. Now more than ever you may be looking into home automation and smart security. The prices are at an all time low and the technology is at an all time high. We want to give you the best in support and functionality. From here around the globe these are the best systems you can get.

Alarm Monitoring with some of the Best Prices in Oklahoma

With the new advancements in technology including geo-fencing and smart thermostats you will love your new system. If you are looking to make headway by controlling your doors then we have access smart just for you. You will be shown todays forecast on your device. You will also receive real time weather updates. You have access to quick and easy alarm buttons. You can custom program for every member in your family and you can make the system arm every time you get 100ft away from the house.

Making your home safer for loved ones and peace of mind is just one benefit. The sounds of money in the bank from energy savings and insurance is another.

Burglar Alarm Deal

With no money down you are looking at the deal of the day. That means nothing for activation, nothing for the same week install and nothing to pay for the over $1200 in equipment in your home. All you have to worry about is the low cost start up fee of 34.95. If you want to go deeper you can “pick 1” for $39.95, “pick 2” for $48.95 or “all 3” for $56.95. The same features could cost you up to $100 a month other places. Be sure to do your research. One you do, you’ll want to call Security Options back. If we can’t beat the price then we’ll match it. With over 100 combined years of experience you know you’re getting the best at the best local deal.

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