We’re Your Home Security Customer Companions for Atoka, OK

We deliver the best in automation and smart home security systems to the people of Atoka, Oklahoma. The best alarm system is the one that works. We have chosen to work with 2Gig panels and Alarm.com for added functionality.

Alarm.com is the app that you will have on your smart phone. You are now in total control of your house and everyone that comes and goes.

We have access smart security system features. These features allow you to control your front door lock with your phone. You can keep your home safe and secure. You can allow friends and family in when you need. You can do all this with the touch of a button.

We offer vision smart security system functions. Looking for video surveillance without paying an arm and a leg? Look no further. For a low amount we can install an HD video camera by your front door so you can monitor who comes and goes. This also works well with the access smart features that allow you to control your door lock.

Last, we offer energy smart home features. This gives you a home thermostat that can be programmed or controlled with your phone. You will be saving money at alarming rates by using this new system. If its set on 68 degrees and you realize no ones home on a hot summer day, you can hop on your device and change it to 75. Then cool it off again on your drive home.

It’s the little things that add up. Add that to the fact that you could be saving money on your insurance and little energy savings you will add up big bucks.

How to Get Started

First and foremost, do you own your home? If you do you most likely will qualify in some way. Give us a call to get a credit check. Does that pass? Then you are good to go. We can work with you and figure out the quickest time to get someone into your house doing the install. Have questions and want someone to look for you. Let us know we will have someone doing a walkthrough. Giving you the best options for where to put security cameras, your sensors, garage door control or whatever you may need to control your home entirely from your home. Now you know your home is compatable we’ll send somebody back out to finish the job.

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