When it comes to the safety and comfort of your family, nothing but the best will do. The Lynx Touch 5100 by Honeywell provides the very best in wireless security and home automation so you can be sure your family is safe and comfortable, even when you can’t be there in person. This full featured system offers everything you need to secure and automate your home.


The Lynx Touch 5100 control panel connects your home security system with you wirelessly. Using Honeywell’s remote services, you can adjust settings or receive alerts regarding the status of your residential security system on your mobile devices.

With 16 different user codes -two primary codes and 14 secondary codes-, you know exactly who is in the house and when they got there. This system even offers the option of setting up personalized routines for all of the 64 zones it is capable of controlling, giving access to specific areas of the home if desired. This way, there are no more worries about a nosy babysitter being in off-limits areas of the home or your teenagers throwing unplanned pool parties. With the Lynx Touch 5100, you are in complete control of the security of your residence and will be aware of what is going on there at all times.


This system is more than just a home burglar alarm system. It is also highly advanced technology for the automation and energy management of your home and this means more comfort for you and your loved ones. Using the Lynx Touch 5100 control panel or one of the four optional wireless keypads, you can create routines that fit into your family’s lifestyle. These routines can be set according to a system of events or based on time.

Event based routines could include family movie nights. From the comfort of your favorite chair, just use the wireless touchpad to alert the system that the television has been turned on and, immediately, it dims the lights and sets the room temperature at a comfortable level. Time based routines might include setting up the system to recognize the times during the day when no one is home so the thermostat can be adjusted to a more economical setting and then reset to a comfortable temperature before anyone returns.

Don’t worry about returning home too early and finding a cold, dark house. With the remote control options, you can contact your Lynx Touch 5100 using your mobile device and let it know you are on your way home, overriding any preset routines.

Safety Facts

Did you know that in the United States, fatal home accidents occur every 14 minutes and someone becomes disabled by an accident in the home every four seconds? Out of these accidents, falls are the number one cause but fire and accidental drownings also rank high on the list. In 2003, there was a house fire related death every two hours. 3,000 children die from accidental drownings every year. Scary information, isn’t it?

Your Lynx Touch 5100 can help you prevent such accidents from happening to you and your family members. With the remote-controlled automation and communication features, you can turn on lights before you get home or be alerted if there is unauthorized access to restricted areas, such as the swimming pool or garage. With the super loud 85 decibel, built-in alarm, you can also be alerted to fire or the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide in your home.

Investing in home automation can save you money on your electric bill. Not to mention what you will save on your insurance. Learn more by watching the video above and feel free to give us a call to learn how easy it is to get a new system that will keep you secure as well as put you in touch with the future.

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